Round Robin 2015

Round Robin - Round 7

Hello fello robiners Following on from Septembers meeting this Saturday we have an update for you on the Round Robin. Most of you hopefully will already have your bags ready […]

Round Robin - Round 6

Hello Robins I hope you’re all enjoying a lovely summer, and as I write this it is actually raining outside. Now onto the Round Robin. How are we doing? Getting […]

Round Robin - Round 4

Hello fellow birds (robins!) So last month was a bit of a challenge in more ways than one. Curves proved interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing how they all […]

Round Robin - Round 3

Hello and welcome to March’s round. First point to note is that there were some people missing from the latest meeting and we still need to swap bags over. I […]

Round Robin - Round 2

Hey gang, so this is going to be short and sweet. Hoping you’ve all got over the first month gitters. From the glimpses I’ve seen they are all looking fab. […]

Round Robin - Round 1

So you’re here, you have your first month’s bag and are ready to go. All you’re waiting for is details for the first month. Your challenge for this month is […]

Inspired by our fellow Modern Quilt Guild members over in Vancouver, 2015 sees the launch of LeedsMQG round robin. What is this round robin I hear you say? Well basically […]